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Frequently Asked Questions

My First Visit

Frequently asked questions about your first visit

How do I start training?

Order service you are interested in decide on a date suitable to you for classes and discuss it with me.

How to pay?

Payment for training is made directly to the trainer.
Remote purchases are provided through the website via Bank transfer.

Can I split in parts month payment?

Yes, you can pay in parts during the month.

In which gym is the training and where?

Training is held in the halls of McFit in Warsaw:
Siłownia McFIT Warszawa Ochota — Aleje Jerozolimskie 123A, 02-017 Warszawa
Siłownia McFIT Warszawa Śródmieście — Świętokrzyska 3, 00-360 Warszawa
Siłownia McFIT Warszawa Mokotów — Wołoska 16, 02-675 Warszawa
Siłownia McFIT Warszawa Praga-Południe — Ostrobramska 79, 00-001 Warszawa


Frequently asked questions about being a member of the Gym

How old do I need to be to join the Gym?

McFIT opens membership to everyone starting from 18 years old.

How long gym is working?

McFIT gyms are working 24/7.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes,up to half a year in a year.

Can I not sign a contract for a year?

Yes, the more detailed information and membership conditions you can find on the website of McFIT.

Maintenance and service

Frequently asked questions about my services

Do you have Certificates or education?

Yeah, I finished 3 courses: personal trainer course, stretching technician course and nutritionist course.

Can I return money paid in advance?

If the payment was for the month, then 75% of the amount will be returned minus payment for undergone trainings. In the case of week payment, the amount is not returnable.


Frequently asked questions about the security

Is there any additional storage boxes in the hall?

Yes, the reception has special lockers for valuables.

Are there free parking lots near the gym?

Yes, all McFIT gyms have a free parking space.

Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

No,McFIT halls do not include facilities “Spa”.

Any Question

If you still have any doubt, contact us.