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Pricing Plans

How much will it cost you?

Pricing Table

All you need to know to start today your classes.
Plus the latest join offer and existing members extras.
One Day Training
  • One personal training
Student Level
  • Two trainings per week – 10 personal trainings
  • The supervision of a nutritionist for all purchased training.
Super Sport Level
  • Three personal training sessions per week – 15 personal lessons
  • Training plan for beginners
  • Training plan for intermediate level
  • The supervision of a nutritionist for all purchased trainings.
Total Access Fitness
  • Training plan for beginners , advanced, intermediate levels.
  • Diet plan
  • T-shirt with logo “Winner”
  • 4 workouts a week – 20 personal trainings
buy separately training plan and diet plan
  • Training plan – “Beginner , intermediate , Advanced” levels.
  • The diet plan and the supervision of a nutritionist with a direct contact within one month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? I compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.
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How to pay?

Payment for training is made directly to the trainer.
Remote purchases are provided through the website via Bank transfer.

Can I split in parts month payment?

Yes, you can pay in parts during the month.

How long is the training?

Usually one session takes between 45 – 70 minutes. Depending on selected programs, approach to rest between series.The type of exercise.

In which gym is the training and where?

Training is held in the halls of McFit in Warsaw:
McFIT gym Warsaw Hunting Aleje Jerozolimskie 123A, 02-017 Warszawa
McFIT Gym Warsaw Srodmiescie – 3 Świętokrzyska, Warsaw 00-360
McFIT Gym Warsaw Warsaw – Market Square, 16, 02-675 Warsaw
McFIT Gym Warsaw Praga-Południe – Ostrobramska 79, 00-001 Warsaw

How much is a membership to the gym?

Membership in the hall is from 89.00 – 120.00 Zł for more detailed informations and conditions of the contract check out the official page of the hall McFit.
Count the number of visits is not limited , the hall is open 24/7.

How is the first meeting?

After contact with me you fill in all I need a questionnaire for the sessions, appoint a convenient time for you, and have the reception in your delivery room, I meet.

How is the consultation and supervision after the purchase of services nutrition.

After buying it I for one select the month and change igridienty in accordance with your wishes, make the appropriate adjustments.
With contact via Skype,Facebook,Vk.

Looks like a separately purchased plan?

The plan includes the most detailed explanation with tutorial and pictures.
I try to give the most more useful information.

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